Stamping Die Design
Automate the design of automotive stamping dies

Advanced capabilities in our solution for designing automotive stamping dies include formability analysis, die planning, die face design, detailed die structure design, and die validation.
Our stamping die solution guides you in defining the process used to manufacture complex stamped sheet metal parts, producing a representation of the press line and modeling the shape of the sheet metal as it leaves each press.
Tooling & Fixture Design

Stamping Die Design

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Design Accurate Stamped Parts

Our advanced design and modeling tools allow you to rapidly create and manipulate complex vehicle body panels. In addition, you can work with data imported from other CAD systems.
Quickly model sheet metal parts for high precision automotive application, easily update models to design changes, and document designs for efficient manufacturing.
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Plan the Complete Die Cutting Operation

Our stamping die design software provides a complete set of tools for defining die operation lineup (DOL) and optimizing line efficiency to ensure production targets are achieved.
Generate process models for each station of the press line, and determine which areas of the part should be formed, flanged, and trimmed. Determine the location of holes and tip the part into the position.
Quickly Evaluate Die Face Designs

Our advanced design and analysis tools allow you to evaluate, quickly and virtually, the feasibility of forming parts for high precision die face designs. Prepare highly accurate digital models of the sheet metal that accounts for draw, trim and flange elements of the die process.
Our tools enable formability analysis early in the design process, and account for stress, strain, and thinning considerations. Predict and compensate for springbreak using surface deformation functions for overcrown, overbend, and wall deformation.
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Rapidly Design Die Structures

Automate the design of die structures using a wide range of features for castings, trim steel, and associated scrap cutters, flange steel, draw punch, upper draw die, lower binder, upper pad, owers post and steel inserts.
Predict stress, strain, and deflection under a given forming load, and evaluate the die structure for adequate stiffness.
Validate Die Designs

Our stamping die design solution incorporates automated tools for virtual tests and simulations.
Predict tension, deformation, and deviation under a certain formation load, evaluate if the structure of the die has the appropriate rigidity, simulate the expected operation of the die assembly, and check internal interference and collision conditions.
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NX for Manufacturing
Digitally transform part manufacturing using one integrated software system to program CNC machine tools, control robotic cells, drive 3D printers and monitor product quality.