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When was the last time you evaluated your relationship with your CAD vendor?

The most powerful, flexible, and innovative product development solution in the industry, NX for Design has the features, performance, and capabilities to help you get product to market faster than ever before.
  • NX is built on the most modern architecture of any major CAD/CAM/CAE solution
  • NX continuous release allows you the shortest access time to the latest advancements
  • NX is an open solution that “plugs and plays” with your existing IT systems
  • NX enables you to use data from previous NX and Unigraphics releases in the current release
NX for Design

Product Modeling

“With Siemens’ NX, we work with only one file along the process chain. There is less complexity. You can work in less time and have a lower error rate.” - toolcraft
Advantages of User Experience

NX uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to capture design processes in an adaptive user interface. These features can predict next steps and update the user interface to help users more efficiently use the software to increase productivity. The NX user interface includes robust Help functionality and tools like Command Finder that help you find what you need quickly. Siemens also offers a wide variety of formal training, from classroom to virtual and self-guided training.
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Breadth and Depth of Capability

Siemens is the industry technology and revenue leader for engineering and manufacturing solutions. New technologies like additive manufacturing, generative design, and convergent modeling (unified 3D modeling on combinations of facet and B-Rep data) are causing companies to reevaluate their approach to design. Only Siemens and NX deliver complete integration between mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems to help you remove the silos of development between these disciplines and enable a collaborative environment for complete product development. 
Data Preservation

In a world where new acquisitions typically mean data incompatibility, NX is the exception. Data preservation is a hallmark of NX. NX will never force you to leave your data behind to move on the next release. We have always prided ourselves on the ability to use all the data we have created no matter the platform of the past release.
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Deployment and Licensing Options

NX brings you the ability to match your licensing needs to your financial goals. NX licensing is offered via perpetual, subscription, and rental options. In addition, the introduction of Value Licensing is part of an ongoing strategy to deliver flexibility to customers to use a broad set of different products through a system of tokens that extend existing licensing options to a large number of add-on modules. NX is available for use on premise, virtualized, or cloud/SaaS.
Making the Move from PTC to NX

With NX, you can consolidate on a single solution with a single data set, a single user interface, and lower total cost of ownership. You are concerned about data. We understand. We have the tools needed to help you bring all of your data forward to NX with the highest quality, and minimum amount of effort. With synchronous technology, you can make any changes needed to the data to help you execute your design changes.
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Team Penske - Managed Migration Process from PTC to NX

After using PTC software for two decades, Team Penske switched to NX and Siemens in 2018 and went on to win the Monster Energy Cup championship with driver Joey Logano. Read the Team Penske Success Story linked in the banner below.