Modeling Technology Platform
Build your design on the strongest platform

Deliver greater innovation and higher quality at lower cost. With NX you can use the most productive modeling approaches interchangeably – from explicit solid and surface modeling to parametric and direct modeling, along with facet-based modeling.
NX for Design

product Modeling

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Explore the power and flexibility of NX Cloud Connected Products

Start designing with your free trial of NX Cloud Connected Products and learn how you can develop world-class products using powerful NX CAD capabilities. NX Cloud Connected Products deliver the high-performance design capabilities of NX, the leading solution for product design. Our free, online trial lets you try any of our NX Cloud Connected Products before you buy. No installation required; start designing in minutes.
Modeling Technology Platform is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.
NX Render - The Visual Twin
NX Virtual Reality
Adaptive User Interface

NX offers an expert personal assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to track and learn from user actions. It then predicts the NX commands the user will likely use next based on the context of what they are currently doing and then presents those commands on a compact adaptive UI panel. For example, if you’re doing something in sheet metal, it knows that a certain sequence of commands are being used within sheet metal, or tool design, or casting design… It then starts presenting commands to you that it thinks you’re going to use next. It actually understands that there is a sequence.
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Convergent Modeling

Convergent modeling technology in NX gives anyone the ability to perform faceted-based modeling without the need for data conversion. By combining facet, surface and solid modeling in a single integrated environment, NX eliminates the need for reverse engineering. Simply model with topology optimization results directly. Convergent Modeling, compared with traditional modeling techniques, is 10 times faster.
Equation-driven Modeling

Certain functional surfaces and solids are most easily defined using mathematical equations. Functional examples include optical surfaces, cam profiles, airfoil geometry, and any other geometry for which you can define the math. Equation-driven geometry can be defined using robust 3D plotting tools in NX Maple and then associatively incorporated into NX designs for further refinement, using Convergent Modeling. NX Maple can easily handle algebraic math, differential and integral calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and much more. You’ll have final control over the smoothness or resolution of equation-driven geometry created by NX Maple. And the intellectual property defined by NX Maple worksheets can easily remain managed within Teamcenter.
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NX Tokens – Value Based Licensing

NX Token licensing provides a very flexible and cost-effective way for customers to run almost any NX Product Engineering add-on module. This results in increased cost savings for customers who will run a wide variety of applications on an occasional basis.

  • With tokens, you have access to (check-in/check-out) over 50 different NX applications currently in the token pool.
  • As new add-on products are added to the pool, you will be able to use them without additional effort with your internal purchasing team.
  • Each NX application in the token pool consumes a defined number of tokens when in use.
Synchronous Technology

Modeling is amazingly fast and intuitive with NX – you have the freedom to modify 3D geometry without understanding how models were constructed using simple push-and-pull methods. For greater versatility, you can use synchronous modeling interchangeably with all other CAD modeling tools – on NX models or geometry from any other source.
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Topology Optimization and Generative Engineering

Create and optimize a new generation of products by taking performance requirements into account from the start. Compressed schedules often force engineers to choose the first feasible design option. By mimicking nature’s evolutionary approach, generative engineering empowers you to identify the best design sooner while reducing the number of iterations needed.
Automated calculations iterate until optimized geometry is achieved. The resulting organic shapes are lightweight and meet all performance requirements. NX also uses HEEDS® multidisciplinary design exploration software to automate the design exploration process.
Variety of Deployment and Licensing Options

From concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX gives you an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process.
NX is available via perpetual licensing, subscription, and rental options. Deployment options include on-premise, or a virtualized environment or a streamed service from a public cloud provider. Rather than a large up-front investment in a perpetual license, Cloud Connected Products provide the option to purchase an annual or monthly subscription. Flexible cloud-connected licensing and automatic updates make it easy to manage NX use in your organization, reducing IT and maintenance expenses.
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