Design & Requirements Validation
Achieve targets and meet key product requirements
Validation checking is essential to ensure product quality, comply with standards, fulfill requirements, eliminate errors and warranty costs, and optimize designs for performance and manufacturability. NX gives you automated design validation software tools that automatically and continuously monitor your designs for adherence to standards and requirements.
NX for Design

Design Validation

Design & Requirements Validation is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.
Automated Design Validation Software

NX Check-Mate automates design checking, making validation a continuous, proactive process rather than an afterthought.

It includes an extensive library of hundreds of standard checks in modeling, drafting, product and manufacturing information (PMI), geometry, routing, welding and other applications. With an authoring tool, you can create your own custom checking functions.

The design validation is continuous and automatic, and notifies you immediately when designs fail to comply with standards, best practices, or critical functional and engineering requirements.
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Integrated Requirements Validation

NX Requirements Validation supports systems engineering with automated checking tools. Working in conjunction with Teamcenter, you can allocate requirements to product subsystems, and validate products for compliance with requirements as you design. NX Requirements Validation promotes a common understanding of targets and how well products achieve them.
Visually Rich Feedback

NX Check-Mate and Requirements Validation deliver visually rich feedback that takes advantage of high-definition 3D (HD3D) technology.

With HD3D tools including flow lists, visual tags, tool tips, see-through display modes, you can identify design issues clearly and quickly resolve them.
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