Prismatic Parts Machining
Automate programming of prismatic parts and drive high-volume production machining

Quickly create optimized NC programs for prismatic parts with minimum input. Automated capabilities in NX CAM, including volume-based milling and feature-based machining help you reduce programming time by up to 90 percent.
To drive the latest multi-function machines, capable of producing complete parts in one setup, you can synchronize, visualize and optimize machining sequences across many channels.
For higher volume production machining, NX helps you program multiple parts over multiple setups and machines.
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Prismatic Parts Machining

Learn about powerful NC programming capabilities for effective machining of prismatic parts.
Automate NC Programming to Improve Productivity

Feature-based machining helps you automatically create machine programs directly from part design models, which reduces programming time by up to 90 percent. NX generates the right machining process using the geometry, and product and manufacturing information (PMI), such as tolerances and surface finish, that is associated with intelligent 3D models.
Process templates facilitates re-use of your proven cutting methods, tooling, and sequences - saving programming time and improving repeatability. The customizable machining database in NX helps you apply the right feeds and speeds for a given operation and tool selection.
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Create Smart Toolpaths with Volume-Based Milling

You can rapidly program prismatic parts by previewing and specifying a sequence of volumes to be machined, eliminating the need to manually create and select boundaries.
The volume-based 2.5D milling processor presents you with the current in-process workpiece (IPW), allows you to pick the defining faces of a machining volume and then displays the calculated cut levels and the updated IPW.
When part design change order is received, the associative toolpaths are automatically updated.
Minimize Setups with Multi-Function Machines

The latest multi-function machine tools, which are capable of both turning and milling, minimize the number of setups required to machine a part. With their support of simultaneous, multi-axis operations, mill-turn machines can dramatically improve shop floor productivity.
NX CAM offers a complete range of capabilities for the latest mill-turn machines. You can use any combination of turning, 3-axis milling, 3+2 positional milling and full 5-axis milling. The interactive and visual tools allow you to easily synchronize and optimize the machining sequence across multiple channels.
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Program Multiple Parts and Multiple Setups

Multiple part programming speeds the development of tombstone and fixture configurations, intelligently distributing tool paths to multiple components in assemblies. Complete machining sequences developed for one workpiece can be immediately distributed to other work pieces. In this way, you can prepare complete jobs in the same time it takes to program a single part out-of-context.
The programming of parts that require multiple setups is simplified with a stock-sensitive programming capability that automatically tracks the uncut volumes across setups. An instant preview displays uncut volumes for each setup so tool paths are safe and air cuts are eliminated.
Streamline Planning of High-Volume Production Machining

Use NX Machining Line Planner software for high-volume production of complicated parts with many features.
Machining Line Planner, combined with integrated NX CAM software, enables distribution, balancing, programming and simulation of operations over multiple setups and machines. This integrated solution allows bi-directional change management between programming and line planning.
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Use Advanced Turning Methods to Machine Precise Parts

Easily program a full range of lathe operations on any machine configuration, such as the latest multi-spindle, multi-turret CNC turning centers. Using 2D part profiles or 3D solid models in NX CAM, you can create efficient roughing, multiple-pass finishing, grooving, thread cutting and centerline drilling operations. Special cutting patterns, such as finish all and down-only cutting provide flexibility to machine precise turned parts.
Visualize the workpiece nominal shape in operations sequences by getting a dynamic feedback on the current in-process workpiece (IPW) status, using 2D and spinning 3D displays.
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NX for Manufacturing
Digitally transform part manufacturing using one integrated software system to program CNC machine tools, control robotic cells, drive 3D printers and monitor product quality.