2D & 3D CAD Modeling
The most efficient 2D & 3D CAD modeling in the world

With the industry’s most powerful and versatile CAD modeling tools, NX enables you to freely use any modeling approach that fits your design challenge and get innovative products to market faster.
NX combines wireframe, surface, solid, parametric, and direct modeling in a single modeling software solution that allows you to choose the best tool for the task at-hand. In addition, Convergent Modeling technology in NX gives you the ability to combine these approaches with faceted-based modeling without the need for data conversion.
NX for Design

Product Modeling

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Explore the power and flexibility of NX Cloud Connected Products

Start designing with your free trial of NX Cloud Connected Products and learn how you can develop world-class products using powerful NX CAD capabilities. NX Cloud Connected Products deliver the high-performance design capabilities of NX, the leading solution for product design. Our free, online trial lets you try any of our NX Cloud Connected Products before you buy. No installation required; start designing in minutes.
2D & 3D CAD Modelling is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.
Assembly Design

Create and manage assembly models of any size or complexity with the most powerful CAD assembly design tools available. Supporting both top-down and bottom-up techniques, NX helps you manage and navigate assembly models, and keep your team organized and on-track: 

  • Handles the world's most complex assembly designs daily
  • Provides control structures and constraints for parametric assemblies that simplify design changes and accelerates modeling of configurations, options and variants
  • Allows you to design in the true context of your product
  • Supports full digital mockups to validate your designs, identify issues and resolve them
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Feature Modeling

NX provides unparalleled power, versatility, and flexibility that enable companies to design the next generation of products faster and less expensively.
NX combines comprehensive high-performance parametric wireframe, surface, solid, and facet modeling with the power of synchronous technology's direct modeling in a single modeling solution.
Combining feature modeling techniques with the power of synchronous technology gives you the fastest approach to creating the designs you need..
Free Form Design

NX freeform modeling software gives you the power and creative flexibility to explore alternative design concepts quickly.
A versatile, integrated toolset combines 2D, 3D, curve, surface, solid, facet, and synchronous modeling for fast and easy shape creation, evaluation and editing.
With advanced freeform modeling, shape analysis rendering and visualization tools, NX delivers all the capabilities of dedicated industrial design systems, and also offers complete integration with NX design, simulation, and manufacturing to accelerate development.
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NX Sketch

Every mechanical CAD tool has some form of sketching - all based on the same core concepts. Old approaches don‘t allow you to iterate easily or allow you to change your mind and quickly adapt your sketch. They rely on building in lots of rules and relationships that control behavior.
We are delivering a new approach to sketching. Our new sketch capabilities reduce the time users spend capturing their ideas by over 30%. For many users as much as 15% of their day is spent sketching - that‘s a significant improvement in productivity.
Sheet Metal Design

Using familiar terminology and workflows, NX helps you efficiently create sheet metal parts based on industry knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes.
NX sheet metal design tools incorporate material and bending information, enabling the model to represent both the formed component and flattened blank shapes. You can quickly convert solid models to sheet metal components, and create sheet metal parts that enclose other components. NX Advanced Sheet Metal provides functions that enable the modeling of sheet metal parts with more complex shapes.
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Template Based Design

Reusing design information and process knowledge helps you reduce costs, increase innovation and boost efficiency in product design.
Accelerate design, standardize product design processes, and maximize the time and cost savings of reuse in NX. You can quickly create templates from existing designs and easily re-use them for new designs. With simple drag-and-drop tools, you can quickly and easily create custom interfaces that control design inputs and engineering operations for templates.
With NX Product Templates, you can automate much more than design modeling. To automate and standardize engineering processes, you can incorporate product and manufacturing information, drawings, motion analysis, structural simulation, and validation checking into the templates.