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What’s hot in the world of DEM?

By Corinne Bossy on 09 Aug 2017

Back in 2013 we launched the DEM Literature Database. The concept? Creating a searchable online database containing abstracts and references of all the published literature in the field of Discrete Element Modeling.

This resource has quickly become very popular and is currently used by over 500 individuals every month. Some browse the database to keep up to date with the latest publications, others to find out about key applications or potential research that has been carried out in a specific area.

As we have recently added the 5,500th abstract, we took this opportunity to look at some key data and see how the number of publications has grown over the years, what the most popular topics are, as well as the top authors and journals based on the number of papers published.


Some of the ‘hot’ research topics we see when looking at keywords provided include mixing, segregation, comminution, fracture and a huge portion involve DEM coupled with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to investigate particle-fluid systems such as fluidized beds.

Looking at the number of publications over the years we can see that DEM has been a growing research field and this is good news when it comes to validating the application of this technology and accelerating its adoption and usage by industry.

At EDEM we are proud to support academic research with our EDEM Academic Partner Program. We are lucky to have a strong community of thousands of academic users worldwide who drive the development of EDEM and foster innovation. If you want to find out more about EDEM for Academia visit this page.

Of course maintaining the database is not a small job, therefore we count on you to let us know what is missing and to send us details of papers you publish at dempaper@edemsimulation.com

The DEM Literature database is open to all, start browsing through abstracts here.

Source: EDEM Simulation Blog