Visual Reporting
Bringing product analytics into the 3D design process
HD3D Visual Reporting enables you to comprehend PLM data with interactive navigation, and delve into details as-needed. Viewing a 3D product model, you can easily answer questions about project status, design changes, team responsibilities, issues, problems, cost, suppliers and other attributes.

Visual reporting of product analytics in NX helps you make unambiguous assessments, interpret data quickly and accurately, and synthesize data for better decision-making.
NX for Design

Design Validation

Visual Reporting is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.
Innovative Display and Interaction Techniques

HD3D Visual Reporting formats 3D part, component and assembly models to answer your inquiries, with color-coding, on-screen tagging and legends for fast visual assessment and interpretation. Multiple ”see-through” settings give you various methods for removing the complexity of the model and instantly seeing the components of interest. Additional details are easily accessed by clicking on interactive tags, which can also open associated documents. For use outside of NX sessions, you can output report data to other formats, including HTML and Excel.
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Visual Analytics and Validation - Visual Reporting

HD3D Visual Reporting includes predefined visual reports that help you answer commonly asked questions. A report building tool accelerates creation of custom reports. The reports can include properties from NX files, custom metadata, Teamcenter attributes, and other PLM data. Engineering teams can use the reports to better understand their designs and locate issues, while managers can more readily determine the overall state of development projects. Visual reports can be managed and distributed to benefit the entire enterprise.