Mold, Die & Electrode Machining
Transform your mold and die machining using advanced CAM software

Make better molds, dies, and electrodes using a single software system. NX CAM advanced capabilities for high-speed machining, automated rest milling, and smooth finishing methods help you produce high-quality tooling faster.
You can further reduce lead time and improve quality using specialized, easy-to-use five-axis machining capabilities for mold and die machining.
Using the digital twin of your machine setup, you can validate the machining process to eliminate errors on the shop floor.
CAM Software

Mold, Die & Electrode Machining

Learn about powerful features to manufacture high-quality tooling.
Manufacture Mold Inserts with Excellent Finish

Produce superior quality mold inserts using a complete set of NC programming tools. High-speed roughing strategies help you reduce cycle time by up to 60 percent, while extending tool life. Fully automated rest milling removes uncut material from previous operations and eliminates air-cutting. For more complex designs, you can instantly preview and specify exactly how a part will be machined, region-by-region. Smooth finishing strategies can follow the natural shape of the machined area, so you can achieve excellent surface quality and eliminate re-work.
To achieve a new level of productivity, NX CAM offers specialized 3+2 milling and 5-axis machining capabilities, which allows you to effectively cut the most challenging molds and improve surface finish.
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Program Mold Bases Automatically

Programming mold bases with a large number of machining features, such as holes, pockets, and slots can be very time consuming and error-prone. You can automate the programming process using NX CAM feature-based machining (FBM). It automatically recognizes features and applies the right cutting operations, improving repeatability and reducing NC programming time by up to 90 percent.
Process templates enable you to use pre-defined, rule-driven machining processes to standardize and speed up your programming tasks.
You can digitally simulate the complete machining process using the G-code driven simulation to optimize the operations and eliminate errors in production.
Speed Up Electrode Manufacturing

Electrode manufacturing is an important step in the development process of tooling that requires use of electrical discharge machining (EDM).
Integrated electrode design and NC programming capabilities in NX helps you accelerate the production of electrodes of any complexity. Using a range of advanced cutting strategies such as high-speed finishing, you can quickly machine smooth and accurate electrodes. Our step-by-step solution lets you automate the entire process from design through production – reducing time and production costs.
Associativity between the part model, mold and electrodes designs, allows you to easily update machining operations to accommodate engineering change orders.
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Streamline NC Programming of Die Faces & Structures

Advanced strategies for die face machining in NX CAM, including high-speed roughing and finishing of cast stock material enable efficient production of dies of any complexity. You can achieve near-mirror finish that eliminates the need for polishing, reducing cost and lead time. Multi-axis machining helps you reduce cycle time and improve accuracy.
For efficient machining of die structures, you can leverage comprehensive NX CAM capabilities – from automated feature recognition and volume-based milling to simultaneous 5-axis machining. Ensure that the correct information is used in production by automatically generating complete shop documentation, including setup sheets, tool lists, and 3D drawings.
Use Precise and Efficient Wire EDM Operations

Wire EDM operations that are used for manufacturing of mold bases, electrodes, and related components improve part quality and reduce the total number of manufacturing steps.
NX CAM provides a comprehensive set of 2- and 4-axis wire EDM operations including multi-pass profiling, wire reversing, and area removal.
You can automate the programming of wire EDM machines by using feature-based machining (FBM). NX recognizes wire EDM features, such as pockets, holes, slots, and the start holes for the wire. FBM then automatically applies machining processes to the recognized features.
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NX for Manufacturing
Digitally transform part manufacturing using one integrated software system to program CNC machine tools, control robotic cells, drive 3D printers and monitor product quality.