Aero Structures Design
Fast, flexible, and powerful Aero Structures design with NX

Aero structure designers are facing ever increasing technical, supply chain and regulatory challenges while at the same time the airline industry continues to escalate demand.
With integrated tools to go from Concept to Detailed Design to Analysis to Manufacturing and beyond, NX can help the customer better meet or exceed the demand pressure from the airlines by accelerating design productivity.
NX enables more design iterations in less time, resulting in bringing a better product to market faster.
NX for Design

Routed Systems

Aero Structures Design is made up of powerful features that allow you to build a custom solution. Read more about these features below.
Design Productivity

Aerospace companies need to win business in an environment that is increasingly competitive, both locally and globally. This requires proving your ability to meet target dates and costs in production while delivering products that meet customer requirements. Increasing demand in some sectors, such as commercial aircraft, drives a requirement for higher levels of productivity.
NX delivers true design flexibility mixing solid modelling and surface modelling into a single environment allowing the designer the power and flexibility he needs to get the job done.
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With the power of parametric modelling along with the freedom of direct modelling in a single environment, we deliver a solution that does not force a designer to compromise on the design. You can create designs in a more natural and simplified way as you can select and drag features in real time. You can add constraints wherever and whenever you want - but they’re not required.

This flexibility enables users to work with geometry regardless of its origin, supporting supply chain strategies where data can come from a variety of CAD systems. There is no need to plan ahead for re-use, and no need to understand the intricate details of how the model was originally designed.
Template Modeling

Capturing knowledge and getting it into a digital product development environment is crucial for realizing the large rewards associated with knowledge reuse. With NX Product Template Studio, your users can rapidly capture and create re-usable design elements while they participate in everyday design processes.
For Templates, simplicity is the obvious key to successful creation, successful adoption and successful longer-term usage. The user experience, both in terms of authoring and consumption, must be effortless.

At the same time, templates must be underpinned by a very robust framework that allows them to comprehend and communicate with all of the relevant disciplines necessary to the design.
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When using Product Templates from the Reuse Library, you can automate much more than design modeling. You can automate and standardize engineering processes by incorporating product and manufacturing information, drawings, motion analysis, structural and other FEA simulation, and validation checking into the templates.