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As a business model, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows businesses to become “platform companies” that transform the relationships and roles across their business network, mostly by removing intermediaries between sellers and buyers, purchasers and subcontractors, service providers and end-customers. This is why the 3DEXPERIENCE platform acts as a marketplace, or trading platform, that connects customers willing to buy services (3D printing, design etc.) and service providers.

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace is a trading platform operated by Dassault Systèmes for digital design, engineering and manufacturing transactions. It helps designers across the world to connect with manufacturers, find standard parts, or hire temporary engineering. It also allows you to tap into a pool of innovators - individuals and companies - developing and offering complementary products and services.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

Manufacturing As a Service

Make connects Designers, Engineers, Buyers and Production Planners with industrial manufacturing service providers such as Proto Labs, Xometry, Sculpteo, 3D Systems, and many more so you can be confident you have the best partner possible based on your specific requirements.

Components As a Service

PartSupply is the most intelligent catalog of free sourceable 3D components that gives you access to a 360° view, including 3D models and a complete set of information for designers, manufacturing engineers and sourcing managers. PartSupply gives you access to tens of millions of components and thousands of qualified suppliers. Search and explore more than 49 million CAD files with the capability to set the exact configuration you need. 
  • Components As a Service
  • Engineering As a Service

Engineering As a Service

Engineering is the most seamless way to digitize, design or certify your products with leading engineering service providers worldwide.
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